Brisco Western Art Museum

While in San Anto­nio for the RWA National Con­fer­ence my friend Jackie ( and I vis­ited the Brisco West­ern Art Museum.  To bad I live in San Diego, oth­er­wise I’d visit this museum again and again.  It really cap­tured the spirit of the West.  The huge sculp­ture in the entrance show a herd of buf­falo flow­ing down from an Indian on one side, and the other a cow­boy with a herd of long­horn cat­tle tum­bling down from his perch.


I also like the repro­duc­tion of a Wells Fargo stage­coach.  The stage­coach, along with many other item in the museum had a audio/visual com­po­nent.  Put on the head phone, and watch the lit­tle video screen for more infor­ma­tion.  I espe­cially like that the audio/visual for the stage­coach con­tained clips of the movie Stage­coach — one of my favorite west­ern films.

The audio/visual aspect really added to the sculp­tures, as you got to see/hear the artist talk about their work.   And since the museum was in San Anto­nio it had a huge model of the Alamo.  And if you need to sit, there is an area with easy chairs and head phones where you can lis­ten to west­ern music through the years.

Brisco West­ern Art Museum



Back from the Romance Writers of America’s National Conference

Spent last week in San Anto­nio, Texas at the RWA National Con­fer­ence.  My friend and room mate, Jackie ( flew in Mon­day.  That evening we took the tour on the San Anto­nio River­walk boat ride.

riverwalk1 riverwalk2 riverwalk3 riverwalk4riverwalk3riverwalk2We used Tues­day to do the tourist thing — vis­it­ing the Alamo, some of the San Anto­nio Mis­sions.  There is a lot of sim­i­la­raites between San Diego and San Anto­nio besides being named after saints.  One of the stops on the tour was the Mer­cado (a Mex­i­can mar­ket place), so we checked out the Texas ver­sion of Mex­i­can food, which was pretty good.  And a great Margarita.

Alamo  site interior alamo

Wednes­day we went to the Brisco West­ern Art Museum, which I highly rec­om­mend.  Paint­ing, sculp­ture, model of the Alamo.  I espe­cially liked the Wells Fargo stage coach and the audio/visual info ref­er­enced the movie Stage­coach — one of my favorite films.   Sev­eral of the sculp­ture had audio/visual telling about the artist and about the art work.  There was even an area with chairs and head­phones to lis­ten to var­i­ous exam­ple of west­ern music.

Wednes­day evening was the Lit­er­arcy Sign­ing, over 500 authors signed and earned over $50,000 for serveral lit­er­ary orga­ni­za­tion in San Antonio.


Thurs­day through Sat­ur­day was filled with work­shops on all aspects of pub­lish­ing.  I con­cen­trated on social media work­shops as with the decline of stone and mor­tor book­stores, on line is how you need to get your work out to the pub­lic.  My main prob­lem is I’m not par­tic­u­lary tech­ni­cal, and of course, all the time you spend on social media takes time, when I’d rather be writing.

One of the social media sug­ges­tions was to give stuff away, so be sure to check out my face­book page  to see what I’m up to.

A visit to the kids

At the end of last month we took a trip to to visit our older son and his fam­ily for our grandbaby’s first birth­day.   We drove up to the Los Ange­les area and picked up my mom and drove up to  North­ern Cal­i­for­nia.  Our daughter-in-law had the brith­day party set up in a local park, with lunch, games for the kids, and of course, cake.  They also sup­plied tick­ets to ride the park’s merry-go-round and the lit­tle train that ran through the park.  Couldn’t get my hus­band to ride the merry-go-round with me, but we all rode the train.b-day cakeon train

Later that week­end the fam­ily went to Roar­ing Camp and Big Trees Nar­row Gage Rail­road.  The rail­road engine was an old steam engine built in 1902 (con­verted from coal to oil as there was not a lot of coal in Cal­i­for­nia).  The trip great, up through the red­woods trees, up to the top of the hill for a stop, then back down.  Totally great as I love trees.  We did sit in the car with a canopy as it had been very hot, and we wanted to keep the grandma, great­grandma and the baby in the shade.  3

And if you’re won­der­ing why no names?  Both son and daughter-in-laws have job with secu­rity needs, so no name and no name of grand­baby.  4 6 7 8 roaring camp 1



Sometimes I think it would be easier to write with a quill.

As most of you prob­a­bly say – where did the time go?  Had a busy May that kept me from updat­ing this site.

First, had to take my com­puter to the shop as it was r u n n i n g   v e r y  s l o w l y.  So was with­out the com­puter for a few days, and once I got it back, had to reload all my infor­ma­tion, all the web sites, my files and pic­tures, etc.

Then my mom had a bad case of food poi­son­ing  that landed her in the hos­pi­tal overnight.  The doc­tor wanted to send her to a nurs­ing facil­ity to start recov­ery, since she lives a alone these days.  So I drove to LA to go to her house and pick up her paja­mas, tooth brush, etc. for her stay in the nurs­ing facil­ity.  Can home to take care of things here, and then four days later went back to LA to take my mom home and stayed with her a few days.  Then because she could find too many things to do there instead of rest­ing as she should, brought her home with me for another few days.  Finally, took her back home where she’d doing fine.   I keep telling her it takes a while to recover when you’re 88 years old.

Over all, I drove 1,059 miles in two weeks.

Then, of course, once I was home for good, the com­puter went down again – this time hard­ware prob­lems with the moth­er­board.  Even I know enough to real­ize that means it time to buy a new laptop.

So finally decid­ing to bit the bul­let, bought a new lap­top and went ahead and bought a table to carry around.  Wait­ing for the new lap­top to be set up when they called and said that the table they actu­ally pulled off the shelf was NOT the one I wanted, and couldn’t han­dle the pro­grams I wanted.  Turns out the tablet I wanted is being dis­con­tin­ued.  So I did get a refund, but now have to decide to wait for the new tablet or get another model.

So finally have the new lap­top and can work on my ms. And fig­ure out how to use the new sys­tem and, of course, re-load, re-find all my book­marks, etc.

Some­times I think it would be eas­ier to write with a quill.

Now its almost May!

Boy, how time flies when your busy.  Right now I’m doing a Chap­ter Chal­lenge with my RWA Chap­ter — I’m re-writing my con­tem­po­rary cow­boy romance, uping the con­flict to re-submit.  I do have a prob­lem being too nice to my char­ac­ters (I want them to be happy).  And then, what do I know about con­flict?  My story is I met this guy, we went out a cou­ple of times, he said lets get mar­ried and I said fine.   And since he was in the Navy, then he left and two and a half months later I flew across coun­try and we got mar­ried in the chapel at this new duty sta­tion.  We were young and didn’t see any con­flict to keep us apart.  For­tu­nately, life has been pretty good to us — we’ll be mar­ried 45 years next December.

In addi­tion to doing the re-write, my mom and I went to Chicago to visit her sis­ter (my Aunt Betty) for a week ear­lier this month.  Talk about how weather can change — on Sat­ur­day when all the cousins came over it was 8O degrees.  Then on Mon­day evening it started to snow and by Tues­day morn­ing there was an inch of snow in the front yard.   Being ‘tourists’ I’m sure my aunts neigh­bors though we were crazy as Mom and I were out tak­ing pho­tos in the snow.20140415_08481720140414_184724

Our dogs are doing okay.  Smokey, recov­eing from his ACL surgery, is now out of his crate and allowed the free­dom of the house and back yard.  He gets a lit­tle walk up and down the box, slowly build­ing up strength.  We had the groomer trim off all his ‘skirts’ before the surgery, so now he still looks funny while we wait for his shirts to grow back.

Yikes, now it’s almost April

Where does the time go?  Have been busy work­ing on my con­tem­po­rary cow­boy romance.  The edi­tor like the writ­ing, the char­ac­ters (includ­ing the dog!), but it needs some more work on the con­flict.  So have to pump up the con­flict and re-submit.

I’ll have lots of time to work on this next month as my mom has asked me to to with her to Chicago to visit the rel­a­tives we have there.  And since my mom doesn’t have inter­net (I keep try­ing to con­vi­nence her) I know my aunt doesn’t (since they call each other sev­eral times a month).  So I’ll have plenty of time to re-write.  Am mak­ing a list of things to take along with the com­puter, such as a few writ­ting books.

Also will have to load up my kin­dle with read­ing mate­r­ial.  And I’ve got a new new cross stitch project to take.

The weather here in So Cal has been very non-wintery, so am try­ing to get out with the dog.  My hus­band was walk­ing both Smokey and Ban­dit, but Smokey tore his ACL and had to have surgery (talk about a bud­get buster, but what can you do?)  Smokey is cur­rently 3 weeks into his 8 week con­fine­ment only out to pee, poop and eat.  For­tu­nately now that the sur­tures are out, he not longer has to wear the col­lar.  And since he always came to the kitchen when he heard me get ice from the refig­er­a­tor, I now take him an ice cube.  My friend says I’m a good dog mom (whichis another way to say softee).

Got some more pho­tos of the new grand­baby.  She’s so cute, and looks like she might have red hair.  We’ll see it if that stays.IMG_1834 collar

February already

First Sun­day in Feb­ru­ary.  Over­cast this morn­ing, so after break­fast (eggs, pota­toes O’Brien, toast) for us and (kib­ble with a lit­tle yogurt) the dogs, we ajourned to the liv­ing room, where the peo­ple read the news­pa­per and watched peo­ple on the tele­vi­sion going ath­letic things.  The dogs a pic­ture of what to do on a lazy Sun­day morn­ing after breakfast.

Smokey, Sunday morning

Smokey, Sun­day morning

Bandit, Sunday morning

Ban­dit, Sun­day morning







Unfor­tu­nately, we ended up spend­ing the whole day lazy.  It has rained a lit­tle on and off all this week — which is good a we need the rain (dri­est month of Jan­u­ary in years).  I’m blam­ing all the inac­tiv­ity of this week on Smokey the Scotty.  Early this week he came home from his walk with a limp, not putting his right rear foot on the ground.  Couldn’t find any­thing in his foot, and he didn’t react when check­ing all his joints.  So next morn­ing off to the vet where he got an anti-inflammatory shot, and some pain pills and no walk­ing for the rest of the week.  So since we all seem to go with the no walk­ing along with the dog (shame on us — bad human, bad human).

Still work­ing on going over the his­tor­i­cal ms. look­ing for prob­lems, addi­tions and/or sub­trac­tions.  Hope you had a more pro­duc­tive week than we did.


Super Bowl Sunday

Ok, I watched the Super Bowl, but mostly for the com­mer­i­cals, which turned out to be by far and away more enter­tain­ing that the game.

pagliacciThis was a busy week, as stated below, went to the opera on Tuesday.


But the high­t­light of the week was Sat­ur­day when we drove up to LA to see the US Men’s National Soc­cer team play an inter­na­tional friendly against Korea.  The team(s) are get­ting ready for the World Cup in Brazil in June.  Am plot­ting out what ms. to work on between now and June, as I prob­a­bly will be watch­ing a lot of soc­cer in June.  20140201_140859



Andy and TerryOh, speak­ing of soc­cer came across an old Hal­loween pic­ture with my friend Andy as David Beckham.





And of course, today was Ground­hog day.  Sorry for every­one back east fac­ing six more weeks of win­ter.  While we here in SoCal are pray­ing for rain.groundhog day

Project for the week: work on fix­ing for­mat errors and do a pol­ish on a com­pleted his­tor­i­cal romance.